On the day of the 2016 Presidental Election, I created the following prediction on Twitter using my practically non-existent astrology skills (watched an hour long video on YouTube):

My Election Stars: kind sister protecting Earth, Saturn hawk on Venus, Neptune asking Mars to break free. Jupiter eyes shut. Trump wins 🙈

I have no idea who the kind sister would have been (on the planet chart Zeus’s sister Ceres was hovering over Earth, so I made that up), but the authoritarian Saturn (FBI?) was tailing Venus (traditionally female — HRC?) and libertarian Neptune was hovering by Mars (typically male, Trump?). Additionally Uranus (the crazy planet) had been smothering earth for a couple weeks leading up to the big event. This seemingly pro-crazy, pro-authority environment, as well as the alleged protector, made the prediction pseudoastrologically straightforward. I doubt any real astrologer would agree with my analysis, but we are living in quantum times and it’s a relative, observer-eat-observation world.

Without any further ado, I have decided to point out some of the major pseudoastrological events due to occur in the years to come. Fasten your seat-belts.

Remainder of 2016 — Surprising calm, with lingering Mars / Venus tensions

Earth pretty quickly left the grasp of crazy Uranus right about Election Day, perhaps allowing Trump to deliver a somewhat sane address to the nation and encouraging Obama to follow suit. All in all, reason seemed to be restored in a way almost unexpected, even within the traditional formalities of civil politics.

That being said, Mars and Venus are still quite close to an opposition due to occur when the faster moving Venus catches up with Mars shortly. This could represent the Hillary followers / Trump followers conflict that is lingering in the wake of the election.

Earth itself has entered no-mans land and it’s just the Earth, Moon and Sun for a while — perhaps a time of reflection, without too much influence from pesky meddling planet neighbors.

January 2017 — Another Bout of Crazys

Just in time for the Inauguration, masculine, warlike Mars is lining up with eccentric Uranus and we could see Trump go crazy again. Worldwide, male figures may be sword rattling or otherwise acting crazy.

Meanwhile, Venus is coming back to Earth, perhaps marking a return to the progress of women across the globe and a renewed commitment to sensible leadership.

March 2017 — Windfall for the Feminine

Potentially a great time for women on Earth as Venus finally overtakes Earth in the nearby presence of the creative forces of Jupiter. This phase could last for quite some time. Meanwhile, Mars has left the grip of Uranus.

Juneish 2017 — Check-in with Authorities

Earth checking in with authoritarian Saturn. This could be a make-or-break time for the major changes that occurred in 2016. Venus has leaped in front of Earth while Mars is off by himself halfway between Uranus and Jupiter. Could be a productive time building the Wall (criminee!).

Fall 2017 -- California succeeds from US as Earth checks freedom-loving Neptune and approaches insane Uranus

Semi-aligned with Mercury (the sophist) Earth approaches Neptune the Liberator. It appears the Saturn check went badly and authority will not be tolerated.

February 2018 — Global conflict Mars & Jupiter unite

Global War threatens to breaks out as Mars checks Jupiter. Feels like Russia is showcasing some of its creative new war technology.

Summer 2018 — Earth & Mars check Saturn with Jupiter in rear view

Around this time we may see a fierce clash as fiery Mars comes into conjunction with Saturn authorities as Earth stands in the crossfire. Jupiter is still exerting energetic forces in the region.

Venus is rapidly approaching Jupiter, suggesting a creative feminine force is brewing amidst the conflict. Mars still hovering over Earth.

Fall 2018 — Pesky Uranus continues to interfere

Earth goes crazy again under the spell of Uranus. This time, the feminine side is fostering the crazy as Venus cradles Earth. Conference of powerfully creative Jupiter and forceful Saturn looming.

January 2019 — Earth in isolation

Earth is adrift in the solar system, distantly between Mars and Venus. This may be a desperate time, perhaps with landscapes blown in war torn countries, soul-searching and every-person-for-themselves. Children caught between warring parents.

Fall of 2020 — Saturn, Jupiter align — Major, Historic Accord by Global Powers begins, will take patience

After what seems like years of conflict, perhaps including a presidential race, at last the truly powerful forces come together to produce real, creative change in the authority structure. The process will take over a year with major events occurring in January 2021. With Venus passing through, women will have a large part to play.

Spring 2021 Change has been implemented — Jupiter and Saturn part

The conference of Jupiter & Saturn has ended, leaving the forces that be to execute the plans. Again this will take years.

Spring 2022 — Creative Jupiter and Liberating Neptune convene

Some major liberation may occur, again with Venus playing a part, while Mars is aligned with Saturn and Earth under the spell of sophist Mercury. Fortunately Uranus is out of the picture, perhaps lending some sanity to the event.

January 2024 Something crazy happens again — Jupiter and Uranus

Seems that election years and Uranus can’t avoid each other. This may be a wild one again.

Fall of 2025 — Liberation of Authority as Saturn checks Neptune

Sun, Earth, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury line up, producing an impetus for global leaders to break free from traditional power structures. Earth is open to new ideas with Mercury in play. Uranus direct square, perhaps throwing an odd loop into the otherwise orderly regime change. Mars and Venus giving each other room to breathe.

So there you have it. I will check-in periodically to argue for the accuracy of my vague predictions, where in a large complex globe, certainly some of these things will happen around the times mentioned if you cast a wide enough net 😉